Stephen Pitchforth


Stephen Pitchforth  

The defining characteristic of my CITYSCAPE painting is an enjoyment of colour. In images that capture the energy of journeys and cities, I am attracted by the light and reflections, and the movement and energy of the crowd. The word most often used by others to describe my work is vibrant.

The crowd may be large or small – sometimes the focus is on a couple or an isolated figure – but always they prompt the viewer to wonder who they might be, and what their various destinations are. There is a sense of paths momentarily crossing before the groups disperse for ever.

My ABSTRACT images are, in a sense a simple record of what occupied me for a number of hours. But each painting initiates a dialogue with the viewer about what it suggests to them.  They are at once highly specific to one person at one particular time, and yet of potential significance to many people in multiple ways. These carefully-planned watercolours take many hours, thousands of small brushstrokes, and are created in silence. Though no object is specifically portrayed, each viewer sees their own narrative.

My education in the arts has its roots at the Royal College of Music, London where I studied flute, piano and composition for four years as a junior scholar.

In my early career, I gained a postgraduate degree in Economics, and enjoyed many years as a university lecturer, although art came to be my primary focus outside my lecturing commitments.  My work developed through more advanced practical courses, extensive studies in art history, and visits to every possible exhibition. Influences on my painting are varied, and include Bonnard, Nolde, Hopper, and Derain.

I live and work in Surrey.

You are most welcome contact me to find out more about my work



 November 2019

My painting 'Trafalgar Square' chosen for inclusion in Guildford Arts 2020 Calendar from a large competive field.

November 2019

As an Exhibiting Member of Guildford Art Society, I was allowed to show work at their Autumn Exhibition.   This was at West Horsely Place, the home of the late Duchess of Roxburghe, and scene of a major preservation initiative. 

I was pleased to sell a larger painting on the very first day of the exhibition


September 2019

I was delighted and honoured to become an Exhibiting Member of Guildford Art Society, after submitting examples of my painting to a panel of very experienced selectors.

June 2019

My painting of the Strand in rush-hour was accepted for the prestigious Chelsea Art Society 72nd Annual Exhibition.

This was from 13 - 17 June 2019 at Chelsea Old Town Hall.

The quality of paintings exhibited is very high, so it was a great pleasure to be successful.


me at chelsea51 Strand II


Summer 2019

Art@Clyde&Co -

An exhibition of art sponsored by Guildford Arts and Clyde&Co the leading Guildford Solicitors

Clyde & Co
1 Stoke Road
Guildford GU1 4HW

11 May - 12 August 2019

September 2018

Private View

'The Boy on the Beach'

Boy on the Beach

Paintings and drawings by Stephen and Edward Pitchforth

Cranleigh Arts Centre

4 - 29 September 2018